SADE ENGLISH is a London based visual and wearable independent conceptual Artist, Curator, Designer and Creative Director of ANTICLONE . Anticlone a concept which defines to not conform to suit society. 


Sade Byfield English, Creative Director and Founder of the SADE ENGLISH & ANTICLONE GALLERY graduated with Design Pattern cutting, Fashion Design, at London College of Fashion in 2012. However, visual art was always the foundations. Sade's surroundings were observations of curation, photography and galleries from early childhood, her late father, Photographer Anthony Mann, and her later mother an artist and graphic designer for music record labels, magazines (ID Magazine), and Camberwell Arts graduate , later teacher. Sade was extremely influenced by them both, and so from childhood had the love and artistic eye.


 SADE ENGLISH signature element within design explores deconstruction of the human body, with an artistic eye  modifying classic form whilst re sculpturing new silhouettes. 

Through unique pattern cutting and draping techniques

SADE ENGLISH creates wearable art forms that is genderless. 

Personally in control of all aspects, from concept to final outcome each collection is bespoke designed, hand made and never cloned.

Refusing to submit to traditional womenswear and menswear Sade formed the ANTICLONE concept in 2014 which symbolises both visual and wearable art that does not conform to suit society. Inspiration is drawn from Afro-futurism and Sade’s personal unique heritage of Andean and African ancestry exploring ANTICLONE as a movement and concept though art, design, photography and film. 


The colour black is common throughout each collection, both visual and wearable works which is symbolic and plays homage to her ancestry. 

Clean minimalism and structured draping, has become a signature style and an abstract aesthetic in her story telling through each collection, which is individually named, previously titled Daphne, Skin, Embodied and her upcoming project Immortal, consistently not conforming to seasonal collections.


In memory of Marcia Elaine Byfield, Anthony Mann and Daphne English.

2013- Oval space, Graduate Press day Show UAL, London

2014- LFW Presentation, Daphne Collection

2015- 5th Base Gallery , The Anticlone Movement, London

2016- NoFormat Gallery, The X Exhibition, London

2017- White Space Gallery, The Great Exhibition, Ometesando Tokyo 

2017- Appear Here, Sade English , Anticlone Embodied Photography, London

2018- Dar Slimane, Artist resideceny , Marrakesh, Morocco

2018- The Factory 45, Anticlone Identities , London

2018- Mandrake Hotel, Live performance,  Underconstruction, London 

2019- Mandrake Incidental Theatre, Anticlone The Immortal Diaspora Film

2019- Stour Space, M&CSaatchi, SFM Exhibition, Sade English Photography

2020- Baths Gallery, The Immortal Diaspora, Anticlone

2020- Founded ANTICLONE GALLERY (www.anticlongallery.com)