Abstract Art + Curation 

Sade English both showcases and where possible curates her own exhibitions. Most recently in July 2020 at The Baths Gallery. An exhibition showcasing Sade's visual art of canvas and film titled 'Anticlone: The Immortal Diaspora'. Here Sade English takes us into a journey through painting, garment construction, film, and soundscapes.


Sade, as a young Black & Andean woman, witnessed the premature death of her mother Marcia Byfield against the backdrop of a race war and a global pandemic; and it’s in moments of such unrest and sudden change, questions concerning identity percolate as we try to reestablish our purpose. Sade managed to refocus her energy into relearning and making history, while pledging to rediscover her ancestry within the African Diaspora.  Each painting embodies the inherited strength, power and dedication to overcome the loss and grief of her mother's passing, the helplessness and uncertainty of the pandemic, and the persecution and horror of the race war.

“Life follows death, death rebirths into a guided spirit, she is immortal.” - Sade English

(In Memory of Marcia Elaine Byfield)

The Immortal Diaspora is an invitation to reflect on the self, it’s construction, and it’s placed in society. If we are inspired and influenced by others who are no longer present in physical form, yet they continue to live on through work, can we all, in fact, become Immortal?  This series of paintings, are the first publicly presented abstract Art  paintings since,  The X Exhibition, at No Format Gallery, London in 2016. Her most recent abstract Art paintings, has now become a permanent archive of works at The Mandrake Hotel in London, alongside Art Collectors both in London and Paris.


See below paintings that have previously been exhibited, curation experience and both new and sold works Email: s.english@sade-english.com for sales enquires.



TITLE: IMO: NO2. 2020 , Acrylic, Foam, Acrylic Spray | 40X52Iinch                    IMO: NO2. 2020 , Acrylic, Foam, Acrylic Spray | 40X52Iinch 


Curation & Solo Artist Exhibition at Baths Gallery, London


TITLE: NO1.11, 2020 , Acrylic, Foam, Acrylic Spray | 30X40inch


TITLE: NO.4, 2020 , Acrylic, Foam, Acrylic Spray | 40X52inch

TITLE: Untitled12, 2021, Acrylic, Foam, Acrylic Spray | 30X40inch

Untitled Red
IMO painting

TITLE: IMO NO1.06, 2020 , Acrylic, Foam, Acrylic Spray | 30X40inch


TITLE: IMO NO11, 2020 , Acrylic, Foam, Acrylic Spray | 30X40inch

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Curator & Solo Exhibit, No Format Gallery, 2016

Painting 12.jpg

Untitled,2016, 30x42Inches

Curation & Exhibits

2015- 5th Base Gallery , The Anticlone Movement, London

2016- NoFormat Gallery, The X Exhibition, London

2017- White Space Gallery, The Great Exhibition, Ometesando Tokyo 

2017- Appear Here, Sade English , Anticlone Embodied Photography, London

2018- Dar Slimane, Artist resideceny , Marrakesh, Morocco

2018- The Factory 45, Anticlone Identities , London

2018- Mandrake Hotel, Live performance,  Underconstruction, London 

2019- Mandrake Incidental Theatre, Anticlone The Immortal Diaspora Film

2019- Stour Space, M&CSaatchi, SFM Exhibition, Sade English Photography

2020- Baths Gallery, The Immortal Diaspora, Anticlone

2020- Founded ANTICLONE GALLERY (www.anticlongallery.com)