Creative Director, SADE ENGLISH began curating with The Anticlone Exhibition in 2015. Focusing on interdisciplinary, concept-oriented and space-based approaches in a variety of mixed mediums, including sculpture, film, sound, painting, photography, design, and performance. 

SADE ENGLISH has successfully showcased mixed medium's solely within group and solo exhibits, with placed works in a variety of private and public collections. 

Platforming ANTICLONE IDENTITIES through solo exhibits, the ANTICLONE GALLERY is the link platforming the Identities, established and emerging artists and creatives each who represent and relate to the ANTICLONE concept. 


The Anticlone Exhibition, followed with The X Exhibition at No Format Gallery in March 2016, exploring numerous photography series, including and collaborating with activists and other visual artists exploring the ANTICLONE concept. In June 2017, ANTICLONE evolved abroad exhibiting visual works through SADE ENGLISH co-curating The Great Group Exhibition for The Lovely Gallery London

at White Space Gallery, Ometesando in Tokyo.


December 2018 ANTICLONE curated & exhibited the second ANTICLONE IDENTITIES photography series, alongside performances representing THE ANTICLONE MOVEMENT at FACTORY 45, London 2018. ANTICLONE GALLERY is an online platform showcasing artists virtually and physically with exhibitions starting in London, 2021. November 2020 will introduce the virtual online platform, with future plans to curate pop up exhibitions world wide, starting with London curated by SADE ENGLISH. 


ANTICLONE GALLERY will also publish a zine which features the represented artists and their communities. For any enquiries or to seek representation by ANTICLONE GALLERY please email including your portfolio, name, location.

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