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Inspired by Sade’s Andean ancestry, exploring the diverse tonalities of red brings to light the themes of healing, strength and acceptance. Combined with the vitality of red, black as a colour is a grounding force, serving as a means to delve into its universality, alongside examining key socio-political and historical preconceptions surrounding ‘blackness’.

The Red Series Exhibition itself opens from 10th August-23rd August, No booking is required for attendance expect on Thursday 12th August Opening drink For this reception all guests must RSVP to the opening reception.


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This is the second series of abstract painting since exhibiting her first series at 2020's exhibit at Baths Gallery titled 'The Immortal Diaspora ' which was an invitation to reflect on the self, it’s construction, and it’s placed in society. If we are inspired and influenced by others who are no longer present in physical form, yet they continue to live on through work, can we all, in fact, become Immortal?  Her most recent abstract Art paintings, has now become a permanent archive of works at The Mandrake Hotel in London, alongside Art Collectors both in London and Paris.


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The Red Series Paintings, Showing at Zari Gallery 10th-23rd August

the red series_edited
the red series

TITLE:  Untitled 3,2021, Acrylic, Foam, Acrylic Spray | 30X40inch

Untiitled 2.JPG

TITLE: Untitled No2, 2021 , Acrylic, Foam, Acrylic Spray | 40X52inch

Untitled Red

Untitled 1- The Red Series