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Exhibitions + Takeovers

Solo Shows, Curation & Exhibits

2015- 5th Base Gallery , The Anticlone Movement, London

2016- NoFormat Gallery, The X Exhibition, London

2017- White Space Gallery, The Great Exhibition, Ometesando Tokyo 

2017- Appear Here, Sade English , Anticlone Embodied Photography, London

2018- Dar Slimane, Artist resideceny , Marrakesh, Morocco

2018- The Factory 45, Anticlone Identities , London

2018- Mandrake Hotel, Live performance,  Underconstruction, London 

2019- Mandrake Incidental Theatre, Anticlone The Immortal Diaspora Film

2019- Stour Space, M&CSaatchi, SFM Exhibition, Sade English Photography

2020- Baths Gallery, The Immortal Diaspora, Anticlone


2021- Anticlone Gallery, Project 13 Soho Square

2021- Zari Gallery , Fitzrovia Solo Show , The Red Series

2021- Soho House, White City, Talks and Exhibit 

2022-  William Blake House (Farm TV) - Sade English , The Evolution 1st May - 31st July

2022- Soho House, White City, Anticlone Gallery The Takeover

The Evolution, at William Blake House, London, 2022.


The  Evolution reveals Sade English's works spanning from 2019-till now. This includes multiple series titled, 'The Red Series' and introduces a selection of works from her most recent collection titled 'The Blue Series'.


The works showcase the evolution of the multidisciplinary mixed mediums which includes photography, photographed in 2020,  titled, 'The Immortal Diaspora', a photography series and film of a live under-construction wearable art installation, where Sade creates a garmen live over 4 hours, photographed within Mandrake Hotel's Theater. 

A collection of works showcasing the evolution and transition of use of colour, Blue being related to Sade's African ancestry, Royal blue, in particular, is seen within all forms and diaspora, the Red significance is surrounding Sade's Native-American and Andean ancestry. 


The Red Seires, at Zari Gallery, Fitzrovia in London, 2021.


Inspired by Sade’s Andean ancestry, Sade showcased her second solo show from the 10th August-23rd August 2021.

Exploring the diverse tonalities of red brings to light the themes of healing, strength and acceptance. Combined with the vitality of red, black as a colour is a grounding force, serving as a means to delve into its universality, alongside examining key socio-political and historical preconceptions surrounding ‘blackness’.

This was the second series of abstract painting since exhibiting her first series at 2020's exhibit at Baths Gallery titled 'The Immortal Diaspora ' which was an invitation to reflect on the self, it’s construction, and it’s placed in society. If we are inspired and influenced by others who are no longer present in physical form, yet they continue to live on through work, can we all, in fact, become Immortal?  Her most recent abstract Art paintings, has now become a permanent archive of works at The Mandrake Hotel in London, alongside Art Collectors both in London and Paris.




The Red Series Paintings, Showing at Zari Gallery 10th-23rd August

The Response Exhibition, at Project 13 Soho Square, London 2021. 


The Response Exhibition' reveals it's fist physical exhibition in Soho Square, London.An exploration of the current state of being and thinking—the process of adapting to a virtual future provides a new pathway for accessing art and culture in a democratised form. As a portal into a new reality, 'The Response' highlights how technology changes the way we interact with the world, existing both as a glorious new dawn and a development fraught with tension. With global conversations circling the pandemic, economic precarity and social upheaval, it is an opportunity to expand the dialogue, underscoring how processing positive and negative moments impact the mind.


 Anticlone Gallery operates as a dynamic creative space, celebrating the essence of non- conformity. As a creative home, it warmly welcomes a family of artists driven by pure spirit and innovation. Taking the helm as Founder and Creative Director, Sade English curates a harmonious cohesion in 'The Response' by seamlessly connecting every artist's origin story, acting as a bridge between the past, present and future.


Anticlone Gallery, 'The Response Exhibition 'Soho Square at Project 13

Anticlone: The immortal Diaspora, at Baths Gallery, London 2021. 


The Baths Gallery is proud to present an exhibition The Immortal Diaspora by multidisciplinary artist Sade English. With the exhibition, Sade English takes us into a journey through painting, garment construction, film, and soundscapes.


 Each painting embodies the inherited strength, power and dedication to overcome the loss and grief of her mother's passing, the helplessness and uncertainty of the pandemic, and the persecution and horror of the race war.  

The Immortal Diaspora is an invitation to reflect on the self, it’s construction, and it’s placed in society. If we are inspired and influenced by others who are no longer present in physical form, yet they continue to live on through work, can we all, in fact, become Immortal?   

“Life follows death, death rebirths into a guided spirit, she is immortal.” - Sade English 

Anticlone Gallery, 'The Immortal Diaspora' Baths Gallery

Curator & Solo Exhibit, No Format Gallery,2016

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